Lincoln Park Trail

Lincoln Park (originally named Garfield Park) is one of the oldest of Duluth parks. Straddling Miller Creek and stretching from 3rd Street up to Skyline Parkway, it encompasses some 35 acres. Easy to moderate trails, some paved and wheelchair accessible (lower end) and dirt or limestone pathways elsewhere allow one to amble alongside the creek or to several of the park’s highlights. Natural features in the park include waterfalls, gorges and the so-called Elephant Rock, a bit of exposed bedrock worn smooth by glaciers. One can view scratches in the rock, caused by scraping of rocks in the long since melted ice. White pine, cedar, mature paper birches and large willows can be seen throughout the park.

Use: Hiking
Difficulty: Easy
Distance 1.5 miles
Location: 25th Ave W & 3rd St.
Fees: Free

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