Mission Creek Trail

Even the avid hiker will find the Mission Creek Nature Trail to be one of the most challenging hikes in the city trails network. Steep and muddy in sections this 4.5 mile hike will take a good four hours and good footwear is a must.

Mission Creek is located at the far western end of the city in the Fond du Lac neighborhood. Take Grand Ave (Highway 23) to 131st Ave West. Turn right past Fond du Lac Park and follow the street until it ends in an open field. You may park here or continue on and park where the road meets the creek. The trail is in one of the oldest historic areas of Duluth and uses some old highway and railroad grades which would otherwise be completely abandoned. It also passes through a great cross section of geological and botanical examples of the northern forest region.

Use: Biking, Hiking
Difficulty: Challenging
Distance 3.25 miles
Location: Hwy 23 & 131st Ave W
Fees: Free

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